• Android TV. Use 'Droid TV Settings' inside your App.

    Building your Android TV application you will probably need to give your users a possibility to configure or set up some system settings. There are a lot of standard settings which you won’t like to implement yourself. The easiest solution I found is to use “Droid Settings” or “Droid TV Settings” application, which was already installed on my Android TV Box, by embedding it’s UI inside my application. In this post I’m going to show you a working example of how I did it.

  • Android TV Box. Autolauncher problems with Android 7(Nougat). My solution.

    I found out that auto-launching feature doesn’t work properly on my WeChip device with Android 7 installed on it. It worked perfectly with Android 6, but with Android 7 after device reboot I still get default screen instead of my own application which is configured as “Home application”. In this post I’m going to share the solution which I consider as acceptable for my case. This solution is applicable only for rooted devices.

  • Android. Delete System App using Droid Optimizer.

    In this article I’m going to demonstrate my method of deleting Android system applications using Droid Optimizer software. The UI of this software looks a little bit counter-intuitive to me and a colleague of mine, so, I decided to write this post. Who knows, maybe it’ll help somebody to save some time and nerves :)

  • Android. How to launch System NetworkActivity programmatically.

    Recently I faced the problem when I needed to have a full network management functionality in my Android TV application. Everything I found with quick google search is how to run system WIFI management activity using Settings.ACTION_WIFI_SETTINGS or Settings.ACTION_WIRELESS_SETTINGS. But this solution didn’t fully cover my requirements because it didn’t allow to manage Ethernet connections, for example. After spending quite some time I found the way to launch the activity which allows to manage all possible network sources.

  • My Youtube Channel.

    Hi guys! What’s up? Some time ago along with this blog I decided to go further in my socialisation and started my Youtube channel. I’m still not 100% sure what kind of content it will be. For now I publish some of my self-made music here. Maybe in the future there will also be some videos related to my other interests. In the post below I will tell you couple of words about my channel. Keep on reading :)

  • Groovy's .equals() method uses .compareTo() under the hood.

    Today a colleague of mine shared a curious observation. He found out that .equals()(or ==) in Groovy does something different from what we would expect in Java. Oddly enough, it uses compareTo() method under the hood. I’ve made some code samples. Let’s look at them.

  • A Few Practical Tips for Junior Developers.

    Many of us are used to be annoyed by colleagues. That’s just the thing nobody can avoid working in a team: people have different points of view, different habits, different capabilities etc. But how often do we think about ourselves being an asshole who annoys the others? That’s I believe the thing we should always care about. It’s not easy at all, but I have a few thoughts which I would like to share with you. Maybe it will help you to be more effective and less annoying :) The post was planned as a post for junior developers. Though, I know for sure that many “Senior” developers have no idea about those basic things which I’m going to say now. They just don’t care. Actually, everything I’m going to say in this post is as simple as washing your hands before lunch. Let’s go:

  • Top 16 Youtube Channels. IMO.

    Happy New Year everybody! The new year has just begun and before we jump into new challenges and our daily routines I’m going to share this non-serious and rather relaxing post. I decided to make top list of my favourite youtube channels. This list doesn’t contain any professional or specific topics, only the entertaining ones. This list neither pretend to be the list of the best channels. It is rather channels which I often watch when I want to relax my brain a little. Some of those channels are in Russian, so those channels probably will not be interesting for English/German speaking audience. The list is ordered alphabetically in a way as Youtube does it for me(so, the English titles first). Here we go:

  • Hibernate. No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: 1111.

    Hello coders! I’ll try to explain the problem and show my solution to it using Grails code examples and PostgreSQL. I believe the problem is general for Hibernate and similar exception can happen with other dialects as well. I’ll try to demonstrate my solution for PostgreSQL. Maybe it’ll help you.

  • Ubuntu. Share SDKMAN/Grails/Groovy between Linux users.

    Hi there! I hope you’re doing well :) Let’s talk how to install SDKMAN on Linux system with several users.